Bike Reminders

I’m creating this page to log bike maintenance issues. Valdora AC Tri bike:

Date Mileage Notes
Aug 1 2010 9000? Replaced bottom bracket, as per below.  Replaced chain as it was measuring long. That’s what she said.   Cleaned little gear things since I had to take the chain off anyway.    Noticed rear tire was really bald, so replaced that too.
June 2010 8500? Had some slipping in bottom bracket while climbing small hill in high gear.   Can’t be trainer this time!   I took off bottom bracket.  Washer was shot, and there was corrosion and dirt on threads.   Will take it to performace and ask about it again if it is worn.
Winter 2010 ?? Was experience a slipping sensation under load while riding on trainer.  Took apart my bottom bracket.  Took it to Performance Bike and asked if needed replacement.  They said no.   The guy was real smart, and asked me questions, and then suggested it was actually my rear tire slipping on the trainer flywheel.  He was right, my rear tire had a bald spot.  Replaced that.   Lubed up bottom bracket, and put back together.
Oct 2009. 4500 Got basic tune up at REI. Replaced all cables and bar tape. Still dropping a chain sometimes when downshifting from big to small chainring. I was hoping tune up would fix that.
Sept 19, 2009. 4017 Lubed bottom bracket because I rode 6 hours in the rain. I decided to take out my seat tube and turn the bike upside down. Water came out! That’s why I took apart the bracket to see if it was wet too. I keep wondering where else got wet. There is a little rust on my chain and casette. I oiled them real good.
August 17, 2009. 3281 Replaced chain. Replaced tires by swapping out my high pressure “race” tires, Vredestein Frotezza SE. Those had maybe 500 miles on them from 2.5 race seasons. I’ll be curious to see how the “race tires” wear with everyday training use. The tread was worn thru to the fabric on rear tire that originally came with the Valdora. I know that worn spot started when I had to brake real hard once going down a hill! I’ll keep the front one as a spare, since it still looks okay.
July 2009 3000 Swapped cassette back to the 11/23
April 2009 1500 Swapped out cassette for a 12/25
March 1, 2009 1000 Replaced chain. Lubed Bottom Bracket. Basic Tune-up at REI store. New V-flow Saddle
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  1. Lisa

    I was hoping someone could help me out… I have done one tri and looking for a quality bike to use for awhile. I was hoping to spend no more than a $1000. What brands are out there for a starter with the drive to race.

  2. Gary Smith

    If you are still having problems with the chain A.front derailleur is not adjusted properly. B. Chain is wearing out. C.You need instructions on better shifting. Even a well tuned bike can over-shift in certain gear selections. I have 38 years of wrenching and can help you with any of your issues.

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