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Mar 16

Popeye was Right: eat your spinach!


I was visiting my brother in San Jose last week.    He’s an avid cyclist and has a copy of Joe Friel’s Cyclist Training Bible.   Of course, I picked up to leaf through the pages.   I’m on this aging athlete kick lately, so I looked that up in the index, and went to the …

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Mar 03

I Need a Training Plan

drill instructor

I’m probably going to be writing more and more about the challenges faced by an aging athlete.    That’s where I’ve been the last couple of years and I’ve decided to quit muddling through feeling like crap, and do something about it.   I just don’t know what to do yet. I mentioned Joe Friel’s …

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Mar 02

Recovery and The Aging Athlete

I wanted to do a follow up to my earlier post about aging athlete syndrome.   Ernestine’s story teaches us that growing older in and of itself is not an excuse to give up and stop training in the sports that you enjoy.      However, it is good reason to train smarter and differently. Joe …

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Mar 01

The Aging Athlete Syndrome – Get over it

I have missed my bloggy peeps.  And, I hope you have missed me!   And - If you are still reading this blog – Thank You! Blogging helps keep me focused on  staying fit, making goals, and racing!    I also hope it inspires others to do these things as well. So, here goes with a new …

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Oct 19

ストラリアし彼ら されない本物。(Translation)

Google Translate

A blog reader asked me to translate the Japanese Spam comment that I wrote about yesterday.  Here you go, thanks to Google translate.   It is  clearly a spam comment advertising “genuine articles”  posted by someone named Ugg Boot.  hahaha. [click image to enlarge]   Below is the original text.  It was interesting to play with this string …

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