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How to Wash Stinky Running Shoes

Sometimes my running shoes get stinky and gross.   This can happen either because I have ducked into the woods to pee (and missed).  Eww, I know. Or, because I got them really wet with sweat or lake water during

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Cobb Mobb Team for 2015 – Put fun back into the sport!

I am honored to be part of the Cobb Mobb triathlon racing team for 2015!   My racing friend Ginger Spansel inspired me to apply to the team, and I was chosen as a Team Captain!   I am super excited

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A Specialized Holiday Greeting

To all my bloggy peeps, enjoy this specialized holiday greeting card from 2006.   Still my all time favorite greeting!   My road bike is a Specialized and I love it!

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Organic Muscle Milk Review

I sometimes get offers of free stuff to review on my blog.  I love Muscle Milk and drink it all the time.  So, when I got an email for a free sample offer, I said YES, Please!! The milk arrived

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Pinehurst Olympic Race Report, pt 2

Click here to read part 1 So if you’ve read part one, you know I had a rather frenzied pre race morning.   Rushing around getting things all set up was my warmup! The Swim: I got in line and

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