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Feb 22

Book Review: Triathlon Made Easy (i’m in this book!)

About a year ago, Lisa Buckingham (an author from the UK) emailed me asking if she could use my triathlon weight loss story in a book she was writing. I was keen on that idea, so I sent her my story along with some “before” and “after” photos. The book is now at the publishers …

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May 21

Pose Method of Running

Basic Principles The distinguishing characteristic of pose running is that the athlete lands on the midfoot, with the supporting joints flexed at impact, and then uses the hamstring muscles to withdraw the foot from the ground, relying on gravity to propel the runner forward. This style is in clear contrast to the heel-strike method that …

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Jan 14

Book Review: Training Plans for Multisport Athletes

Update June 2008: This book served me well for two years. However, I have recently found a much better book! Click: training plan I just bought this book titled “Training Plans for Multisport Athletes” by Gale Bernhardt. The book has very detailed workouts for each sport. I bought it specifically to help me train smart …

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Nov 26


ChiRunning is an excellent book on proper running form for endurance athletes. It has allowed me to increase my running mileage and speed and get rid of most of my aches and pains! Read my articles about Chirunning Update July 29, 2006: I have recently changed my mind about ChiRunning, and now follow the Pose …

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Dec 04

Triathlon 101

<br /> Take the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing. Triathlon 101 is an essential text for every athlete who?s serious about succeeding in multisport events. Inside you will learn how to design your own triathlon training calendar and logbook, choose the proper equipment to fit you and your budget, eat during training and …

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