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Have you experienced a Panic Attack in a Triathlon Swim?

David’s article was published in the Washington Post on November 14th. I got this email from David Brown of the Washington post…thanks to anyone who emailed David with your story! I am a science reporter at The Washington Post (also

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Wave of Fun

Last month, I took my daughters to Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, NC.   We had a super fun day.   We got a great deal by typing “Facebook” into the group discount code box at the top of the

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Don’t use blue tinted Goggles for Triathlon Swim

I raced the White Lake Half iron triathlon yesterday. Brutal day…race report later. I wore blue tinted goggles during the swim. I had such a hard time seeing the buoys, and I kept wondering why they used brown buoys instead

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Cold is my friend

I swam for 1 hour tonight at Lake Jordan with my friend, Russell, who is also doing B2B.    We had planned on swimming  4000 m, or about 6 laps of the cove.  But it was way too f’ing cold, so

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Proper Pull in Swim stroke

Found this video linked from Matt Fitzgerald’s blog…I am going to watch it a few times, then head to the pool for my workout.  I hope I have the same Eureka moment that Matt had! You need to a flashplayer

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