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Apr 01

How to fool your swim coach

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip: Want to pull one over on your swim coach? Talk the talk. Walk the walk.  “Swim the swim?” If you are like most triathletes, you think that your swim is “good enough” and chances are that you haven’t made major improvements in a while.   Swim coaches constantly struggle with …

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Nov 19

Get ON with your Off Season

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip: Athlete:  ”So, um, coach.  What do I do now? Do I have an off season? Is there an off season? I did my best Ironman ever and now what??? I think I”m tired of training but… But I want to get better. I getting fat! I am a better person …

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Feb 26

It’s not about the workouts

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip: In the past few months since I’ve written, I’ve bumped into yet a few more athletes who still hold dear some ancient ideas about coaching, training, and racing. Perhaps its time to clear the air on behalf of all the professional coaches out there in the TRI universe.   Collectively, …

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Dec 18

Wiggles,Waggles,and Wobbles

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip: Do you speak Biomechanish??? Today it occured to me that my layman’s terms for biomechanical inefficiencies, asymmetries, energy leaks, disfunctional movement patterns, and the resulting goofiness or bad race pics can be summed up in three words: Wiggles, Waggles,  and Wobbles And if you think about it, these tell the …

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Oct 30

Last 2012 race: Now what?

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip: In the past week, numerous athletes have come to me with these simple words.  They are pleading for new purpose  before reflecting on past accomplishments.   A lesson we can all learn here is that it’s time to build in post-season reflection as part of our programs.  In fact, my …

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