Training Log

  • Misery Run
    Godiva track club misery run obstacle course / trails. wow, super fun. 11 pace is really good for this, considering obstacles!Owner: keyoneLocation: –Activity Type: Trail RunningEvent Type: Uncategor …
  • Crows Branch Overlook
    Owner: keyoneLocation: –Activity Type: Mountain BikingEvent Type: UncategorizedDistance: 11.32 MileTime: 01:37:43Elevation Gain: 873 Feet
  • Piney Mountain long run, alt shorter ending.
    Owner: keyoneLocation: –Activity Type: RunningEvent Type: UncategorizedDistance: 8.63 MileTime: 01:55:28Elevation Gain: 594 Feet
  • Mt Sinia, Univ Stat, Turkey Farm, short
    Owner: keyoneLocation: –Activity Type: CyclingEvent Type: UncategorizedDistance: 17.86 MileTime: 01:19:27Elevation Gain: 891 Feet
  • To the Lake, Tadly, back lakeshore
    Owner: keyoneLocation: –Activity Type: RunningEvent Type: UncategorizedDistance: 6.96 MileTime: 01:32:34Elevation Gain: 443 Feet

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3 comments on “Training Log
  1. Robbie says:

    Hi Carol. I have been reading your blog for the past couple months and absolutely love it. I have gotten much of my motivation from reading your older posts and race summaries. Keep it up!

  2. Rafael says:

    Olá Carol,
    Você treina para que tipo de prova?
    Qual o seu Ojetivo?

  3. Carol, somehow stumbled across your blog…great site. I am on BT as “AdventureBear”, but have not been around much lately. Peeked at your IM training plan…where is it from? Love the simple layout and the lookup table of workouts…I was just tonight creating my OWN lookup table of workouts.

    Also thought yoru video blog on flying mounts was great…will share it with my athletes.


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