Oct 19

ストラリアし彼ら されない本物。(Translation)

A blog reader asked me to translate the Japanese Spam comment that I wrote about yesterday.  Here you go, thanks to Google translate.   It is  clearly a spam comment advertising “genuine articles”  posted by someone named Ugg Boot.  hahaha.

[click image to enlarge]

Google Translate2


Below is the original text.  It was interesting to play with this string in the Google translate tool. If you make line breaks at different points in the string, the translation changes significantly.



Here is a wiki page about Japanese writing:

I don’t think that this could be Kanji.    It’s got to be one of the syllabaries.     魅惑的な

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  1. Bev

    Thank you for sharing your info. After searching for tips I found your blog and read every post over the last couple of months, it is one of the best tri blogs that I found. I did my first tri this past June and loved it, have done 3 more since then. It helped a lot, love your writing, links, race reports, etc. I hope you’re collarbone is healing fast. Thanks again!

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