Jul 10

Forget your six pack

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip:

Congratulations, Carolyn Gentry. I love your idea of writing about PATIENCE!!

A great synonym I”ll use here to expand our semantic universe is forbearance.  In coaching terms forbearance is the core of every coachable athlete, every athlete who has the faith and vision to follow and to believe.

Training is so much more than a process of swim, bike, run, and repeat. It’s a journey towards your end game, A race, or personal best.  You trust your coach to take you there, you follow, and you teach your coach about you along the way.   Without an eye on your  longterm goals, you lack the patience to achieve your lifetime bests.   For that matter, you don’t deserve that PR unless you earned it with forethought, brutally hard work, and loads of patience.   Success in racing or in any other part of your life- it’s not a given. It’s earned.

Stop looking at your six pack and take a look inside yourself at your longterm vision, patience, and the soul that drives you to the finish line.



Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tips
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