I Need a Training Plan

I’m probably going to be writing more and more about the challenges faced by an aging athlete.    That’s where I’ve been the last couple of years and I’ve decided to quit muddling through feeling like crap, and do something about it.   I just don’t know what to do yet.

I mentioned Joe Friel’s article about the Aging Athlete in yesterdays blog post.   I actually read that sometime last year while I was recovering from my collarbone fracture.   As soon as I was able to get back to training, I started adding intensity to my workouts in the form of a Boot camp.    The Boot camp has been great in terms of motivating me to do high intensity workouts.   And I love the instructor.  He is just exactly like what you think of an army drill instructor, and makes it impossible to slack off.

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Much as I love it, I’m not so sure that Boot camp workouts go along with Tri training.   They leave me sore and tired, and my muscles never quite recover by the next boot camp session.

Other than Boot camp, I’m doing a long bike and a long run on weekends.    And fitting in other stuff when I can during the week.   Basically, not much of a plan.   And, worse, I am not building in any recovery weeks.  I sort of figured that recovery periods were happening naturally due to crappy weather and other stuff getting in the way of training.  But I’m definitely not doing it right because I am always sore and tired.

So, I need a plan.


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