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I’ve been bummed since I found out that the “Blood Sweat and Gears” 100 mile bike ride is the same weekend as Kure Beach triathlon.    I charted out the various race dates, and I think Mountains of Misery might fit into my schedule the best.   And that ride ends with a Cat 1 climb – how cool is that?!   Then, I found this chart comparing various mountain century rides versus elevation.   Why does it excite me that Mountains of Misery is at the bottom of this chart?    I need mental help.

Here is a nice little chart comparing various rides.

Three Mountain Metric (jun 4)           75 miles                  elevation gain is    8600 feet

Blood, Sweat and Gears (jul 25)          101 miles                                                     9908 feet

Brutal 100 (mid Aug)                              105 miles                                                     10,167 feet

Hilly Hellacious (oct)                             100 miles                                                    9281 feet

Bridge to Bridge (sept)                        105 miles                                                     11,739 feet

6 Gap Century (sept)                            100 miles                                                    11,657 feet

Chea Challenge (jun 4)                       100 miles                                                    9,501 feet
(part of 3 mtn madness)

Mt, Mitchell (may 16)                        100 miles                                                    12,255 feet

Mountains of Misery (may 29)         104 miles                                                 12,880 feet

See my earlier post for dates and links to the rides above.

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5 comments on “I Need Help
  1. Anne says:

    Carol, you can do Mountains Of Misery…its a great ride if I do say so myself (TriAdventure is directing the event this year. We have a Mountains of Misery training group (and program), and you are more than welcome to come up and do some of our weekend rides with us…we’ll be covering most of the course over various weekends. Join us anytime.

  2. Mike says:

    That 6 Gap Century looks like it would be the toughest. I would rather ride one long climb that have 6 steeper ones followed by downhill. You are a big baller!

  3. blood sweat and gears is certainly incredible, they picked a bad date for Kure beach. I really wanted to do kure but already had something else on the schedule.

    I can tell you that the assault on mt mitchell is very difficult to get into. it’s an amazing ride, but amazingly challenging. I had a lot of friends that have done it, my old coach is the race director. Had a friend do cashiers last year too, it’s freakishly brutal.

    if you want to try mountains of misery, good luck. I would suggest cashiers or mt mitchell.

  4. Ginger says:

    You might check with Mary and Tom, they’ve probably done ALL of these and could give you some insight on them, it may help you choose!!

  5. Beth R says:

    Hey I have been reading your blogs for a while and I have done MOM Twice now. YOU can do it!!! Great ride well supported and Lots of fun. If your worried about the final climb go do it before the ride.
    Wait until the ice melts though. Good luck and happy climbing:)

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