If you hate it…

Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip:

the face says it all

“If you hate it, it’s good for you!”


Never short on words, I recently tossed this out to a disgruntled athlete and over the weekend,  it stayed in my head as a refrain.  I watched, proudly, as my 25 proud campers dug so deep in their deliberate suffering and faced their “I hate this” demons…  They rediscovered workouts that they neglect or despise and came away wiser and stronger.  Too busy for yoga but too tight to touch your toes?  Really!?

If you give some serious thought to your training regime, you may see that this applies to you.   Do you train the things you “hate” or simply the things you like.  Something like that old adage about training to your strengths and neglecting your weaknesses…

Coaches have the tough job, of making you love the workouts you despise.  We look at the big picture and your long-term development.  With the wave of a wand and a little art to coaching, a good coach can make you love the workouts you hate and avoid.   We help you understand why you hate the workouts you do, and how they are most likely your performance limiters as well.

A big shout out to all the campers who came and  conquered.  It was epic:  they rode in the rain, baked in the sun, sustained body blows in mass start work, and walked away smiling.   How fun to watch them sort out that love/hate relationship with all the elements of their training and to return home with a new perspective on workouts they hate.

Time for you to do the same to make 2012 your breakthrough year.



Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tips
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