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I recently received some samples from Mission Products Skincare, which has created a line of performance skincare products for athletes. Here’s my review…

The sample skincare products arrived in a silver gift bag. It felt like my birthday! In the bag were full size products, not trial sizes! That was a treat in and of itself. All of the products are appropriate for both male and female athletes. The scents, if any at all, are light refreshing and unisex in their appeal.

My two favorites are the Lip Protector and Foot Synergy Gel (scroll down – I saved the best for last).
Read on:

Lip Protector SPF 20
lip.jpgThe lip balm came in a tube – you squeeze some out and then use the applicator tip to rub the balm on your lips. I tend to get dry lips, so am a big fan of lip balm in general; and have discriminating tastes about lip products! This product has a light and pleasant cherry flavor, and feels very moist on my lips. The soothing feeling lasts a long time. I loved this lip balm and would buy it.

Daily Offense SPF 30
This product is an anti sting sunscreen stick for your face. This product has no discernible scent and has a similar consistency to “Body Glide” stick. Now, I DO have problems with sweat dripping into my eyes and it stings! It’s not the sweat in and of itself that stings – it’s the skincare products that the sweat carries with it that stings! My anti-wrinkle eye cream is a particularly bad culprit! I had the opportunity to try the Mission Daily Offense SPF 30 product out yesterday when I raced in a cycling time trial. Beforehand, I washed my face to remove any other skin products. Then I used the Daily Offense SPF 30 around my eyes and forehead. I had no problems with stinging in my eyes and I definitely did get sweaty. I am not overly fond of stick-style sunscreens, but it seems that’s the only type that doesn’t sting the eyes.

Anti-Friction Cream
This is an anti-friction cream designed to lubricate and prevent chaffing. It’s a moist lotion that felt very creamy going on. I like the consistency and feel of this cream. I confess I did not actually try it out in action yet. I never use anti friction products. I have “Body Glide”, but I don’t like sticks, so don’t ever use it. This feels much nicer going on, and I wish I had used it today when I ran 5 hard miles in the hot sun. Five miles doesn’t usually give me chaffing problems, but I think the heat and sweat combined to make it harder on my skin that usual. I will try it next time I go running and post back how it worked.

Revive Gel
This is a skin moisturizer for use all over your body. The label says it re-hydrates, re-nourishes and replenishes skin by replacing precious vitamins and antioxidants. The consistency is somewhere between a gel and a lotion. It felt moist and light going on. Very pleasant, but a bit too light for my masters athlete dry skin. I did put it on my skin that was chaffed during today’s run and it felt soothing. I can’t say whether it’s healing any faster due to the vitamins and antioxidents, but one can always hope. I think vitamins and antioxidents are more likely to work if you eat them – but don’t eat this gel!

Foot Synergy Gel
product_footsynergy.jpgThis was my favorite item out of the bunch. This product is a creamy gel that has a refreshing light scent. At first I thought the scent was eucalyptus mint. But it also reminds me a bit of rosemary spice sent. I’m still not sure, but it’s light, pleasant and refreshing. It feels moist and invigorating going on. Now, I have never used a foot cream or gel before in my life. I never felt the need to, really, and I’ve always just tough out any foot problems. But ever since the 10k race I did two months ago, my feet have been totally trashed with blisters, callouses and dryness which have not healed! This Foot Synergy Gel felt just great going on. I used it before my cycling time trial, and am continuing to apply it before workouts and after my shower. I would buy this product.

Visit the Mission Products Skincare website.

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