Nashbar Watt Master Fluid Wireless

My Cyclops Magneto bike trainer is about to die. The flywheel makes a loud squealing noise when I ride on it. So, I am saving up to buy a Nashbar Watt Master Fluid Wireless. They are on sale now at!

One time I met with mentor, and he brought over his watt master bike trainer, which has a built in watt meter, to see where I am in terms of generating power on the bike. He said he was impressed by my current level. I think I maintained about 300 watts for the 3 minute test. (I might be remembering that number wrong…?)

I had loaned him one of my Spinervals DVDs. He said that they are good anaerobic workouts which will pull your level of conditioning up from above. He said that the best type of workout for a triathlete is threshold (tempo) training, which will push your level of conditioning up from below.

I told him I can’t stand doing tempo workouts on my trainer (too boring!)…that I only like doing the Spinervals on the trainer. He said that’s because I don’t have a watt meter to push me. The best way to do threshold workouts is on the trainer while watching your wattage and trying to keep it up to a certain level. He referred to that as being a “watt weinie”.

If the Nasbar trainer sells out, another great deal in a trainer that measures wattage is the Kurt Kinetic Trainer Kit…
Watt Master Fluid Trainer
Nashbar Watt Master Fluid Wireless
Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Kit
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One comment on “Nashbar Watt Master Fluid Wireless
  1. Scott says:

    Carol, don’t know how much these nashbar ones cost, but if its even close, go for the computrainer. We absolutely love ours. Either way, having wattage feedback keeps you from slacking off on the trainer. BTW, I am REALLY impressed by your 300w 3 minute effort!!! That’s crazy!!

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