New Gu Flavor is Jet Blackberry 2x Caffeine

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I went on a bike ride today and tested out the new Gu flavor I received in the mail yesterday!  The new flavor is officially known as Jet Blackberry with 2x Caffeine.  It tasted delicious and fruity and gave me good energy levels for my ride.  I expected nothing less from my favorite brand of energy gel 🙂    I also tested out the Vanilla Gingerbread holiday Gu flavor. It tasted alot like the pumpkin bread that I made last week to bring to work (and everybody gobbled up).

I am especially thrilled that the Jet Blackberry Gu has 2x Caffeine.   I always take the Espresso 2x Caffeine in the last 30 minutes of every race.  It gives me an extra little kick for a strong finish.   Now I have another flavor to give me that kick.  Man, I really shouldn’t be sharing all my secrets with the blogosphere, because maybe some of my competitors are out there reading.  😉

Here are some pictures from my bike ride.  It was just 41 degrees and overcast today.    That is a bit too cold for my liking, but I really wanted to ride.   And I wanted to test out the new Gu flavor.   I was plenty warm, except for my toes.

Wardrobe Report:

Here is what I was wearing, for future reference.  The weather was 41 degrees, and dropped to 39 by the end of the ride.   Overcast skis.  Not much wind.

  • North Face fleece headband
  • driving gloves purchased at Target last winter.   Nothing fancy schmancy.
  • Pearl Izumi Attack bike shorts
  • Under Armor running tights over top of the bike shorts. Not warm, but kept the wind off my legs.
  • Pearl Izumi Caliente toe warmers
  • Zoot Compression socks…thought they might help keep my lower legs warm.  Also, I need compression on the left leg due to bad circulation issues.
  • Pearl Izumi arm warmers
  • Thin Fleece base layer long sleeve turtle neck shirt by Columbia
  • Thick Fleece pullover jacket by Columbia
  • Thin lightweight cycling jacket made by REI.   Not really a windbreaker, but helped cut the wind down a bit.

My head and core were plenty warm.   My legs were fine too.  My fingers were cold in the last hour.  My toes were cold the whole time, and frozen the last hour.  I think I will try my wool ski socks next time, or some of those hot toe warmer things.  I have a bunch of those from my ski bum days, but have so far resisted using them up!


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2 comments on “New Gu Flavor is Jet Blackberry 2x Caffeine
  1. Trish says:

    mmmmm new flavors of GU

  2. Ginger says:

    Break down and use the hot toe things!! Give in to the heat! 🙂

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