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A publicist sent me a sneak peek copy of a new diet book for preview.   It is called the LeBootCamp diet.  I am super excited about this book!

Here is a picture of the preview copy.   The hardcover official book will be released April 14th, you can pre-order it on Amazon.


I love wine, so I hope the diet will include some wine, seeing that it’s a french diet!

The diet consists of Four Phases:

  • Detox – to cleanse your body
  • Attack – to lose weight
  • Booster – To Speed up the Process
  • Maintenance – to Ensure you never regain lost weight.

Leafing through some of the pages, the diet sounds solid.   Detox is a 2 week phase that includes detoxifying foods incorporated into balanced menus.

The detox menus look like fancy recipes, mostly fish, so that part might be a challenge in terms of time it takes to prepare meals.    The amount of food looks reasonable and healthy.   So, it’s not like the lemon ginger liquid diet detox I tried once…I only lasted half a day on that plan!

Here is what the detox chapter says about coffee and wine and chocolate (these things are important to me!):

  • better to cut coffee and replace with green tea if you can.  It was not an all out ban of coffee, and I agree with this statement that green tea is better.   hmmm…this will be tough for me tho.
  • a glass or two of red wine is good for you (score, I’m in!)
  • dark 70% chocolate is in the foods to enjoy list, and is even included in the detox menus …exact quantities are specified of course, but still, woohoo !

One last thing I noticed leafing through the first chapter – they talk about PH and how the diet will strive to give you an balanced ph.    This is something I have talked about based on Joe Friel’s aging athlete studies and I know for a fact I feel better when I eat this way (but I don’t stick to it as I should, because old habits die hard).

I am going to follow this diet plan and see how it goes.   Ever since turning 50, I have gained weight and cannot seem to get it off again.    I blamed it on my shoulder injury, but I cannot use that excuse now, and the upward trend continues.   I hope this book is the answer I seek.   Stay tuned!


upon further reading, it says

  • wine is not allowed during the detox phase, I guess I can tough it out for two weeks.  Thereafter, one glass of red wine a day is recommended.  My doctor tells me that, too.
  • cut coffee as well for detox phase, but if you really cannot live without coffee, cut to one cup per day.
  • you can modify the menus as long as you stay within the rules of allowed foods and use 5 detox foods per day.   I think this is doable, as long as I can modify …since I really do not like fish that much, but chicken and tofu are allowed during detox.

In general, detox looks like alot of lean meat, veggies, fruits, healthy stuff. no cheese, no eggs, no gluten, no sugar, no red meat, not much carbs, but I do see potatoes and corn tortillas on the menus. (gluten is added later, so this is not a gluten free diet.),


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