The face that wins

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Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tip:

Lindsay wins


“Coach, Coach!  You can’t use that image!.  It’s terrible!  But I told you I gave it all, coach.”

“Lindsay, it’s brilliant!  It’s majestic!.  That’s a winner’s face!”

A coach’s dream is to receive photos like these after all races.  We all know the diffference between triathlon tourists and those who dare to race all out and to leave nothing on the course.   Some athletes have that natural gift and others don’t.  But  a good coach can guide you..

Define your own personal limits; then breakthrough them.

Last August, Lindsay wondered if she could complete her first three- hour  bike ride during her Ironman preparation.   Six weeks later, she completed a solo “beach” ride from Cary to Wrightsville Beach of 140 miles and went on to complete Ironman Florida another 6 weeks later.   In 2012, she opened her season with an overall win at Three Little Pigs Triathlon in Wake County, North Carolina.

So no glamour shot today. This one is all guts.  The camera tells her story.

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Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tips
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One comment on “The face that wins
  1. Sharon Lee says:

    Wow! That is awesome. I’ve been working hard trying to find a little more “Eye of the Tiger” in me. I stalked down a 27 year old (thank you for putting her age on her calf) during my first TRI….of course when a 61 passed me on a hill, my bubble burst.

    Thanks for the pic. LOVE IT!

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