Wave of Fun

Last month, I took my daughters to Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, NC.   We had a super fun day.   We got a great deal by typing “Facebook” into the group discount code box at the top of the Carowinds website.

I wore my 2XU calf sleeves to help support my legs throughout a long day of walking. They worked well for that, especially since I was planning to go for a swim and they are quick dry.  More about compression sleeves later…read on about my fun day at Carowinds.

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I wasn’t expecting to get in a workout at Carowinds, but I did.  It was an awesomely fun workout in the wave pool.    Every 5 minutes or so, a horn blows and huge waves are generated at the deep end of the wave pool.     I got in and started swimming laps.    It was great training to fight the waves, and bob in and around the crowds of swimmers.   The waves last about 5 minutes, then there is a break of 5 minutes.   I needed those breaks, too, as it was exhausting.   I swam for a good solid 30 minutes.   Here is a random Youtube video I found that shows the wave pool…

I had not brought goggles so I got alot of chlorine in my eyes during that swim.    By the end of the day, my vision was blurred.   I had a very difficult time driving home, and to make matters worse, we drove for 3 straight hours through a torrential downpour.   Bad vision + bad weather = very stressed out Carol by the time we arrived home.  I was so happy to crawl into bed that night, fosho!

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One comment on “Wave of Fun
  1. I never even thought about using a wave pool as trainging. Usually when we go on vacation and there is one there my daughters are too interested in playing with me to even think about it.

    Next time I am going to have to take some “daddy” time and get a workout in. I hate coming back from vacaiton out of my groove.

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