What’s the point of Triathlons?

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A blog reader left the following comment on one of my old blog posts:

What’s the point of triathlons. I actually typed that into google and this page was one of the results. I don’t understand it. I get the whole sense of trying to accomplish something like climbing a mountain or swimming across the ocean but running around like a nut case doing a bunch of different sports.

what s the point of triathlons   Google SearchHaha, I checked, and sure enough, my blog does come up as #7 when googling “What’s the point of triathlons”.   (Actually, after posting this, I am now #3, woot).  See image at right. Read on to find out my answer to that question…

Benefits of Triathlon

So, what exactly is the point of doing triathlons?    Yes, I may be running around like a nut case, I will admit to that.  But I absolutely do get a sense of accomplishment training to get fit, and racing to cross the finish line.  Here are some other things that are awesome about doing triathlons:

  • You’ll meet lots of friendly people
  • The cross training hits alot of different muscle groups as compared to just one sport. This can reduce risk of injury as compared to just doing one sport.
  • It’s not so bad getting older because you “age up” into a new racing category.
  • having a race goal can motivate  you to workout
  • endorphines from workouts and spending lots of time outdoors is a mood booster.
  • regular exercise reduces risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • confidence trickles into other parts of your life.
  • Triathlon has races of many distances, making the sport very accessible.

What motivates you to do triathlons?  Leave a comment and share!

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One comment on “What’s the point of Triathlons?
  1. Barry says:

    I havnt done triathlons for a while. When I did though the first motivation was a fitness one. I was a competitive swimmer when younger so that part was always my strong point. So once out of the swim the good cyclists would then pass me and then on the run the same would happen. So after a summer of this happening the next winters goal was to improve the cycle and run parts to minimise my loss once out of the water. I achieved this to a certain extent. Triathlons though I think are all about personal goals and it certainly makes for a healthy lifestyle.

    Cheers Barry

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