2105 Races

  • Tuna 200 Relay, October.
  • Pinehurst Olympic, October
  • White Lake Olympic, Sept 9, 2015.
  • Three Little Pigs Sprint tri, 2nd Age group.  (no race report yet)
  • The Godiva Track Club New Years Day Run, Jan 1, 2015

2104 Races

2013 Races

Raleigh 70.3.  The only race I did due to injury.

My daughters did 3 little pigs and Dash for Divas, so I can write about those races.  So proud of them!  🙂

2012 Races

  • Eno Equalizer, January.   Super fun 4 mile trail race I did with two of my daughters.
  • Color Run, Oct 2012, whole family did this in Raleigh, NC. IT was super fun!
  • White Lake Olympic Race Sept 2012.  My results were meh.
  • Dash for Divas Sept 2012 – all three of my daughters did this race.
  • Finish Strong Half, September 2012.   Again, my results were Meh.  Since 2011 I’ve been struggling with losing speed, gaining weight, annoyed that I am not fast any more.   Need to get over that and just have fun (or else lose the weight, and focus on the trainining to get my speed back).

2011 Races

  • Little River Trail Run, January.   7k technical trail race in Roxboro.  Did this with my daughter, Laura.    We both were freezing cold until the race actually started, then it was a blast.   She had never run that far before and she stayed strong the whole time 🙂
  • Kure Beach Double Sprint, June 26.   Got 2nd Age group and beat my time from last year.  This was my best race of the season!
  • Roan Moan, Mountain Metric Century, July 30.  Super super fun and challenging ride with a cat 3 and cat 1 climbs.   And the ‘flat’ part of the course was way hillier than anything I’ve done.    Will do this again, for sure!
  • She Tris, Mini Sprint, Aug 21.   I did this race with two of my daughters.  It was fun and I was so proud of them!
  • Nuclear Swim, Aug 28, 1 mile swim in Lake Harris.   I did not write a race report for this one. My time was about 44 minutes, which is not super great.  I still got an age group award, third  I think.  I rode bikes with friends afterwards.  Fun day!
  • Washington Half, Oct 29.  Super Windy bike ride!   Got 1st age group, but time was not all that great.

2010 Races

Races for 2009

· Riverwood Sprint – 3rd OF, 4/25
· Rev3 Tri Half Iron – 8th AG, Jun 7
· Triangle Sprint – 3rd AG, Jul 12
· Bandits Challenge OLY – 2nd AG, Aug 8
· Duke 1/2 – 1st AG, 10th OF, Sept 27
· B2B Full Iron, 1st AG, 20th OF, Nov 7

2008 Races

White Lake Sprint – 1st AG, “A”, May 4 2008
Over the Mountain OLY – 3rd AG, “C”, May 31, 2008
Summer Festival Sprint – 3rd OF, 2nd AG, “C”, June 21, 2008
Bandit’s OLY – 3rd AG, “C”, Aug 9, 2008
Lake Norman Sprint – 4th AG, “B”, Aug 23, 2008
Duke 1/2 Iron- 4th AG, “B–“, Sept 14, 2008
Pinehurst Oly – 2nd AG, 20th OF, “A”, Oct 4, 2008
Running Races:
Cleveland Turkey Trot, Nov 2008
Four on the Fourth, July 4, 2008
Inside Out Classic 10k, April 2008 1st AG, 3rd Masters Female
4 mile Geezer Pleaser, Feb 2008
New Years Day Run, Jan 1, 2008
Orange County Speedway Time Trials:
May 13th, 2008 – 22:29
June 17, 2008 – 22:08

2007 Races

Cleveland Turkey Trot, Nov 07
Pinehurst OLY, Oct 07
Duke 1/2 Iron, Sept 07
Lake Norman Sprint, Aug 07
Lake Logan OLY, Aug 07
OCS Time Trial, July 07
Little River 9 mile Trail run, Jan 07

2006 Races

NCTS Championship OLY, Oct 06
Pinehurst OLY, Oct 06
Wilmington YMCA Sprint, Sept 06
Duke 1/2 Iron, Sept 06
VA Beach 1/2 Marathon, Sept 06
Triangle Sprint, July 06
Bay Days 4 miler, July 06
Kure Beach Super Sprint June 06
White Lake Sprint, May 06
5k Race for the Lemurs, April 06

2005 Races

VA Beach 1/2 Marathon, Sept 05
JF Hurley Formula 1 Sprint, July 05
Bay Days 4 miler, July 05
Riverwood Sprint, April 05

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  1. Maria says:

    I recently found your site while looking for triathlon blogs and was really excited to learn that you are in NC as well! (I’m south of Camp Lejeune – a Marine Corps wife.)
    Any rate, you’ve piqued my interest with your information on Pose running and I’ve come across the Pose Tri book. Would you recommend one versus the other?

  2. Christianna Flynn says:

    Hey Carol
    I see you signed up for the Ironman! That’s too cool. Stacy’s wanting to do this race next year too and I might be persuaded to do the half or the full, not sure yet. Good luck!


  3. Great site. Best triathlon info up. Thanks.

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