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New Gu Flavor is Jet Blackberry 2x Caffeine

I went on a bike ride today and tested out the new Gu flavor I received in the mail yesterday!  The new flavor is officially known as Jet Blackberry with 2x Caffeine.  It tasted delicious and fruity and gave me

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No More Fruitcake

I have a confession to make. I like fruitcake. Feels better to get that off my chest. My mother used to bake it fresh when I was growing up. It was very moist, fruity and sweet, but not too sweet.

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Got a New Training Helmet: LG Avant

I just got a new training helmet: The Louis Garneau Avant Helmet. I love it. Here’s the scoop: I have been unhappy with my training helmet for a long time. At some point it dawned on me that it does

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The Wind is my Friend

I did a nice long bike ride today. The weather was forecast to be cloudy, high 60’s-70, and very windy. My ride was fun, hard work, mentally challenging, tiring…in that order! Today’s ride inspired this Haiku… The Wind…    The wind

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Already thinking ahead to B2B

I’m already thinking ahead to my full iron race in November. I mean, that’s almost a year away, and my training for that race won’t start until early May. Yet, I think alot about it. And I wonder what have

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