My New Ride: The Valdora AC Tri Bike

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I got the new Valdora AC Tri bike today. The one I won in the (BT) contest. I’ve only ridden it about 5 miles. It’s awesome and made me wonder how I ever got by on a road bike with clip on aerobars for two years. The aero position on this bike is so much more comfortable! THANKS A MILLION VALDORA AND BT!!

If you read my earlier post from today, you’ll know about my my ongoing saddle saga. It’s actually a bit of serendipity that I went thru all that pain from that new saddle. When I sat on the Valdora, I immediately knew that the saddle it came with wasn’t going to work with my female butt. Several people on the BT website suggested the Terry Butterfly saddle. Luckily the bike shop had those in stock, so I got one of those. Feels great. Kind of expensive, but worth it if I can become one with my bike.

Here’s a pic of me getting the bike fit at Inside Out Sports in Cary, NC.   If you need a bike fit, Mike Beaman is the guy to go to!   The bike came with a Valdora bike jersey and padded bike shorts. I put those on for the fitting 🙂


And, I’ve already broken the bike in with a little crash. I was test riding it out of the LBS, and about a half mile into the ride, a DICKWAD driver was making an oncoming left turn and didn’t see me. I put my hand down to grab the brakes. Trouble was, the brakes weren’t where I expected them to be, because I’m just learning this bike. I did finally get my hand on the brakes but the reaction was delayed, so I had to really hit them hard. My back wheel skidded out and I crashed. The driver also stopped, so I didn’t get hit by the car, thankfully. But, the DICKWAD driver proceeded into the shopping center without even rolling his window down to check if I was okay. Another car who was waiting to turn out of the shopping center also proceeded on their merry way. I got up, moved to the sidewalk to inspect my brand new bike. There’s a little scratch on the brake lever, but otherwise the bike is okay. Later I noticed my knee was banged up. Otherwise, I’m okay too. All’s well that ends well, right?


Here’s the cost of my “FREE” bike:

$150.00….Labor to Build Bike:
$75.00…..Bike Fit
$139.99….Butterfly Saddle
$7.99….Water bottle cage
$382.97….Grand Total

Of course, it would have been about $1300 more if I had to pay for the actual bike!

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7 comments on “My New Ride: The Valdora AC Tri Bike
  1. Carol Scheible says:

    For my own reference I wrote to Valdora to get a manual. They said this:
    Hi Carol,
    There isn’t a manual for the AC-Tri.
    Standard specs are:
    Requires 36/45 standard cane creek style headset.
    1-1/8″ Fork
    68 mm bsa bottom bracket
    700 c wheels
    27.2 mm seat post

  2. James Huggins says:

    I love the Valdora AC TRI!!! I just found out that if you call Valdora directly they will upgrade you to their Carbon Frame PHX for a discounted price. I’m thinking about calling, but I’d hate to give up my AC TRI!!!!!

  3. Simone says:

    Hi Carol,
    I just ordered a Valdora bike as well.
    Hope to get it soon… look awesome from the pics 🙂

  4. Bob Little says:

    I am so glad you are OK. I was hit by a car similar to your incident. It was about 25 years ago, but it was quite painful.

    I really will like to hear more about the bike after you have got some miles on it. I am considering getting a tri bike next year, and wonder how much it would help me.


  5. Crumbs says:

    Nothing ruins a day like apathetic drivers! Glad you didn’t get hurt.

  6. Alexia says:

    Nice looking bike! And I live in Cary, but I’m not the DICKWAD driver! 😀 Have driven by Inside Out Bikes — will have to check them out. Just dropped my bike off at another place today to be refurbished. My husband, who was with me, fell in love with a $5000 bike. Who wouldn’t? No, he didn’t get it.

    I’m on the coach potato side of the spectrum, but will be on the tri side at some point! Read your blog for inspiration 🙂

  7. Collin says:

    So cool! And you look like a pro on the new bike wearing the free schwag. Now I feel even MORE guilty that I haven’t ridden my bike since September. I’m turning into a full time runner, I guess!

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