No Jimmy Choo for Yoo

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No Jimmy Choo for yooo!

This past week, I once again had “the talk” with an athlete about how we don’t wear our aero and race day “stuff” in training.  If you don’t wear your Jimmy Choo for yard work , then why would you train in aero equipment?  It’s beyond the goofball factor; it’s philosophical.  Let me explain…

Training is the ceaseless journey of grinding away to build your fitness. You generally feel tired and subject to the relentless, torturous whims of your tried and true coach. And it should be that way in a good, periodized program.  Super-compensation comes through no other pathways than dues paid, fatigue, and appled training principles followed by proper rest, taper, and brilliance on race day!!

In intensive training, the best athletes know that it is time to be heavy, fatigued, sporting a higher drag co-efficient, and that there are simply no short cuts to building fitness.   Busting out your aero gear not only detracts from this journey, but it also makes you think you are “race day” fast all the time.  Then what does that leave you on race day?   Where is that other, higher gear you tapered and rested to discover?   Do you feel like you are a cut above or just like you were in training?

We all know that speed can be purchased but the converse is that fitness cannot be.  Earn you way by paying your dues, in your drag swim suits, on your training wheels, in your regular helmet, and leave your race stuff in the closet for race day only.   I promise you will cherish it that much more and that your race results will surely speak for themselves.  Pay your dues.  No shortcuts in training. Every workout counts.  Every interval counts. No corners to cut with aero equipment.

Now go dust off that gown and shine your stilettos.  It’s September 25th and surely if you have an end-of-season race, it’s almost GO TIME!!!

Be fearless, mindful, modest, fit, and elegant on your race day.  Save your Jimmy Choo for your podium walk.  : )




Stacey Richardson’s Weekly Workout Tips
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3 comments on “No Jimmy Choo for Yoo
  1. Onespeedbill says:

    Always weird to see people in time trial helmets on a weekend ride-sheesh.

  2. IowaTriBob says:

    I’ve always read that you should practice with what your going to race with and not leave anything to race day. Seems like to many horror stories come out of it. Also regarding aeros, I’ve heard others say that training without them develops a different power base and when you then switch back to using them your not as efficient?

    PS, I’d love to see someone in the red stilettos on race day. That would be some sight indeed.

  3. trishie says:

    but can I wear them during the bike ? 😉

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