Roller Coaster

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I feel like I’m on a Roller Coaster!

I felt like crap on Saturday so I skipped my long bike ride.     I did yoga instead, and basically sat on my duff.   I ate alot and went to bed early.

I felt refreshed on Sunday, so I did my planned brick of 2:15 / 1:00 Zone 2.   I rode down toward Jordan Lake.  That’s the flattest place to ride around these parts.    It was a nice sunny day with a little bit of wind to make it interesting.

Once at the lake, I zeroed out my bike computer and rode around the lake, 17.5 miles.    I focused on good riding form, and tried to keep it easy, Zone 1.  I chanted “chillax relax” inside my head.  Any time I hit a little hill, I held back and thought to myself “save it for race day”.    When I hit some nice headwinds, I thought “hunker down, but don’t hammer”.  It was a great ride.   When I finished my lake loop, my average pace was exactly 18mph.   I’d be cool with that on race day.

Then I rode home, and did a 1 hour run.   I was watching my  heart rate and keeping it in Zone 1.  I was trying to run as slow as possible with good form, and without reverting to slog mode.   It was a good run.   I don’t know my pace on that  because I screwed up my Garmin 310 xt.  I was playing around with ‘multisport auto lap mode’, and I think I deleted the workout when I ‘pressed and held lap’ (which is how you save other workouts!).

Later that day I felt completely wiped out and every muscle in my body was sore.    There is no reason whatsover why a 2:30 bike and 1 hour run, all done in Zone 1, should make me feel that way.  I’m just going to ‘chillax relax’ about it.  I’m chalking it up to this crazy Ironman tapering business, which is like a Roller Coaster!

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9 comments on “Roller Coaster
  1. Karen says:

    Carol I hope you feel better soon. I would agree with everyone else here. Rest–get a massage–do some meditation. Just work on your mental/emotional now. Your body is ready.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hang in there, Carol, and trust your training!

  3. James says:

    Hmmmm, you don’t have a fever or anything right? I got that H1N1 flu and the first symptom was major soreness in my legs then a fever a few days later. It all pasted in less than a week.
    Make sure to keep hydrated.

    If you are over training you should see a jump in your resting heart rate. Not that reliable b/c that could be other things too but something to think about. It has only been a few days that you have felt like this so don’t freak. Keep getting rest and some easy workouts like you did. It will all come around.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Listen to Ginger. REST!!!!

  5. ginger says:

    Go back and look over your training log. You’ve logged countless miles. Rest some, I know you feel like if you don’t keep at it you’ll lose fitness, but you will be fine. Rest a little more.

  6. Tricia says:

    is no reason whatsover why a 2:30 bike and 1 hour run, all done in Zone 1, should make me feel that way.

    are you sure you’re not overtrained(ing)?

  7. rene says:

    I know how you feel and I didn’t even train for an Iron! I used to think it was difficult to run slow but not this week.

  8. christieo says:

    I just read your “about” page and wow!! we have the same beginning story, haha! except you’re a little further ahead than me (well a lot further ahead, actually!) I did couch to 5k last summer and I spent this summer doing sprint triathlons because I needed a bigger goal. next year i’m hoping to complete st. anthony’s (olympic distance) and eventually in a year or two, i hope to start training for a half IM. When I read your story, I believe it may even be possible for me too (one day!)

    Anyway (longest comment ever) I just finished my last race of the season this past weekend and your Saturday post was a lot like how I felt (only yours was on a much bigger scale than mine) and i was so inspired by the comments your fellow athletes left you. it’s amazing what a journey weightloss followed by triathlon has been so far, you learn so much about yourself as a person in the process and going through days like this past weekend is all part of it. i’m sure that as far as you’ve come, you’ll go on to meet, even surpass that goal in a couple weeks and it’ll put a nice big stamp on the passport of this journey you’ve been on! i know you don’t know me (i’ve been lurking around here lately!) but you’ve inspired me! And I believe inspiration is what truly keeps us going. Good luck to you! I’m sure you’ll get through this and be stronger for it! Do it for all us hopefuls!!!

  9. Scott says:

    I think it was a crap weekend for alot of us, I was part of the club as well

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