The Aging Athlete Syndrome – Get over it

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I have missed my bloggy peeps.  And, I hope you have missed me!   And – If you are still reading this blog – Thank You!

Blogging helps keep me focused on  staying fit, making goals, and racing!    I also hope it inspires others to do these things as well.

So, here goes with a new blog post:

The past few years I have struggled with what I call the Aging Athlete syndrome.

  • My overall fitness has declined.
  • My speed has decreased.
  • My weight has increased.
  • My recovery time has increased
    • my tried and true training plans leave me exhausted 
    • I walk around all day after hard workouts limping like an old fart!
  • And, I don’t sleep well.

The whole broken collarbone saga didn’t help matters, as it was a huge setback in my fitness at a time when I was aready seeing declines.

The only thing that has kept me going at all is the fear of gaining weight.  To be honest, I haven’t felt the competitive spirit in a very long time.    And I’ve even considered throwing in the towel because just maybe – just maybe – I am too old for this triathlon stuff.

Then I saw this article about an amazing woman named Ernestine Sheperd.  She is 77 years old and competes in body building competition.   In a bikini.  And she looks good in a bikini!   Wait, correction – she looks great in a bikini!   (I wonder if she limps around after hard workouts???)

Note: if you don’t see the embedded youtube video, go here instead:

Ernestine’s story tosses aside any excuses I have about being too old.    So I say to myself – “Get Over It!”.   Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get back out there and DO WORK!    This lifestyle will keep me younger feeling longer!

Thank you Ernestine for your inspiration!



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